“To better understand teaching and learning through discipline based inquiry.”

What is SoTL Grant?

The Faculty Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Committee is requesting proposals for Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Grants. The committee awards grants to individual faculty members, departments, programs, academies, or standing committees to support them in projects that will examine and reflect upon the teaching and learning practices in their discipline in a systematic way by using research methods and by making the results known to the campus community and beyond. Such projects may be aimed at making significant curricular reforms, designing new curricula,  conducting research that informs teaching and learning at the local (course, department, university) level, or initiating activities that would improve the quality of instruction in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the university.

The SoTL Grants program is intended to fund projects that can be completed within one year, ideally, or within two years when project needs dictate, or to initiate projects that will be continued with funding from other resources.

Individual faculty/departments/programs/academies/standing committees must complete all previous SoTL projects before applying for a new SoTL Grant. These units must also ensure that all required reports (e.g., detailing their progress, any evaluation to date, and methods of dissemination) for prior  projects have been submitted before applying for future SoTL funding.


List of SoTL Grant

Below are the List of SoTL Grant for Cycle 1, Cycle 2 and Special Grants


2015 SoTL Grant Receipients

2016 SoTL Grant Receipients

2017 SoTL Grant Receipients

Flow of SoTL Grant Approval

Flow of SoTL Grant Completion

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