What is Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The practice of effective and meaningful teaching can benefit immensely when educators thoughtfully experiment and apply new or different pedagogical approaches, technologies, curricular enhancement, course design and organization, and assessments


Examples of innovative approaches in teaching and learning include

Classroom and course management innovations, including new ways of teaching that promote student engagement, reorganization of a course(s) that improves students’ ability to apply what they learn, course content that clarifies historical changes in theory, novel assignments that lead to increased student engagement, student publications, and/or activities that bring students from diverse backgrounds together.

Leadership in innovation that forges new paths and inspires others within and beyond the institution, including mentoring colleagues about innovative approaches, working in administrative and service positions to promote innovation, actively participating in committees to promote or create innovation and other pathways that enhance learning.

Championing new visions of teaching excellence through the scholarship of teaching and learning, including professional contributions to discussions, presentations, newsletters, publications, and other modes for sharing innovation.

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