These guidelines serve to assist researchers and reviewers in meeting the requirements and expectations of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL), Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) grant.

  1. In line with CETaL’s aim to advocate innovative teaching and learning initiatives which will bring about impactful learning outcome for our university’s students and lecturers, the Centre is offering SoTL Grant to enable interested academicians to experiment new approaches to teaching and learning within the context of engineering and technology education, at the Classroom, Programme or Institutional level.
  2. Research must be carried out to improve teaching and learning practices in UTP, and within the context of UTP.
  3. Reseachers may work with collaborators outside of UTP, but the grant amount approved CANNOT be used to fund the external collaborator OR to outside the research to the external collaborator or other parties.
  4.  SoTL Grants provided by the University is a seed fund for senior and junior researchers to initiate Teaching and Learning research projects. It is provided to encourage researchers to embark on research that would be able to enhance and build their pedagogical and research competencies within the context of innovation in teaching and learning. The offering of SoTL grants is also in line with the University’s objective to increase its number of principal investigators and publications.
  5. The output of the SoTL research shall be translated into impactful teaching and learning approaches, processes, tools, educational materials, curricula, pedagogies, guidelines and policies. SoTL grants can also be used as a feeder for the submission of international and national competitive grants.
  6. The duration of research for a Classroom level SoTL grant application is 12 months, to allow at least 2 cycles of teaching and learning improvement to take place within the period of the grant. An extension of 3 months is allowed, making the total duration of Classroom based SoTL research 18 months, maximum. This extension may be allowed on a case to case basis, and at the discretion of CETaL.
  7. The duration of research for Programme or Institutional level SoTL grant applications is 24 months. No extension is provided.
  8. Applicants are eligible to request for a grant amount of up to RM 25 000 for Classroom level SoTL grant applications, and a maximum of RM 50 000 for Programme / Institutional level SoTL grant applications.
  9. The sum approved must be used to carry out SoTL research to improve teaching and learning practices at Classroom / Programme / Institutional level within UTP.
  10. All grant holders must participate in the SoTL Community of Practice and SoTL Clinics that will be put in motion, upon the disbursement of the grants.
  11. SoTL Grants are open to all academicians, regardless of position grade.
  12.  Each applicant is only eligible to apply for one grant per cycle.
  13.  SoTL grants can be applied to as a sole researcher, who will assume the role of Principal Investigator. Joint application with a maximum of 3 team members, excluding the Principal Investigator is also possible.
  14. In the event of intention to submit a second SoTL grant application, the project leader must firstly submit to CETaL, a progress report indicating that the progress of the first SoTL project is at least 75% complete.
  1. The SoTL proposal will be screened through three (3) stages; (a) review and recommendation by a CETaL Founding / Associate Member, (b) review and recommendation by the CETaL Teaching & Learning Innovation Committee (TLIC) and (c) approval by the Head of CETaL and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic (DVCA).
  2. The proposal will be vetted by the CETaL Teaching & Learning Innovation Committee (TLIC), which will be chaired by the Centre Head and co-chaired by the SoTL Research Cluster Leader, or any representatives appointed by the Centre Head.
  3. The final approving authority is the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic (DVCA).
  4. CETaL will issue a notification of project approval, with cost centre details, to successful SoTL grant applicants.

The Principle Investigator is required to submit a progress report every SIX (6) months from the project approval date. The progress report will be reviewed by the CETaL Teaching & Learning Innovation Committee (TLIC) and approved by the Head of CETaL and Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic (DVCA).

An extension of 3 months is allowed for Classroom based SoTL research, making the total duration 15 months. This extension may be allowed on a case to case basis, and at the discretion of CETaL. The duration of research for Programme or Institutional level SoTL grant applications is 24 months. No extension is provided. The extension request will be verified by TLIC and endorsed by the Head of CETaL. The endorsed extension request will be forwarded to the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic for approval.

Researchers must produce publications of their research findings in local or international impact factor publications. In addition, IPR, prototype, human capital etc shall also be reported as deliverables of the SoTL projects.

If a project leader leaves the University, or for whatever reason calls for change of project leader, the TLIC committee will nominate a suitable replacement to lead the project, based on recommendation from the project leader, if deemed appropriate. The nomination of new project leader must be approved by the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic (DVCA).

SoTL Projects can be terminated based on:

  • Non-performance in terms of progress
  • Non-completion of the project
  • Any false reporting by the project leader
  • Any misuse of the grant provided
  • In the event of resignation, retirement or transfer as stated in 1.5 above, a suitable project leader as a replacement is unavailable to take over the project
  • Any other reasons that delay the SoTL project
  1. The researcher has to complete the SoTL Application Form and submit it to the CETaL Academic Executive.
  2. CETaL will be implementing on-line submissions, where the researcher can apply for SoTL grants directly via the submission system.
  3. The researcher shall apply the SMART rules; Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timeliness in his/her research proposal.
  • Research Proposal (to be filled by Principle Investigator)
  • Project Title: Title of the project (be specific and defined)
  • Project Leader and Team member: (composition of research team members can be multi-disciplinary across the Academic Programme)
  • Project duration: timeliness, realistic, achievable within the stipulated timeline
  • Research background: literature review, research motivation, benefits of the research, problem statement, and any pertinent information to support the background of the project.
  • Research objectives: the expected deliverables, end result, outcome, end product.
  • Research methodology: planning activities of the research and milestone (to attach flowchart and Gantt chart (including the milestone) for the project duration).
  • Facilities:
    • Existing facilities (Equipment/machine/gadget/apparatus/tools/etc. already available in the university to support the project)
    • Additional facilities (Additional equipment /machine /gadget /apparatus /tools /special services/etc. required to support the project)
  • Total research budget: Total amount of budget required to conduct the SoTL research. The maximum amount is RM 25,000 for Classroom based projects and RM 50 000 for Programme or Institution level projects.
  1. All SoTL Grant Applications shall be evaluated by the CETaL Teaching & Learning Innovation Committee (TLIC).
  2. The evaluation is conducted by completing the TLIC SoTL Evaluation Form.
  3. The following questions may help the reviewer/assessor in doing his/her assessment and evaluation of the research proposal:
  • Is the proposed research project in line with the Centre’s roadmap, activities and key priority areas?
  • How does this research add value to Teaching and Learning in UTP?
  • What is the potential benefit of this project?
  • Is the project objective achievable within the proposed period?
  • Is the research methodology appropriate?
  • Are the activities provided in the flowchart or Gantt chart detailed enough?
  • Are the facilities required acceptable and adequate?
  • Is the budget realistic and specific?

Note: The reviewer/assessor is to use the remark column on the TLIC SoTL Evaluation Form to comment on the proposal. The SMART rule is to be used to note comments. The reviewer/assessor is to provide feedback through inspiring leadership, nurturing relationship, effective persuasion, achievement drive, optimism and empathy.

  1. Provide detailed budgeting e.g. RM material cost/unit, RM rental/day, etc.
  2. Provide detailed justification for each budgeted item.

VOTE 11000

Salary and Wages

SoTL grants can be utilized to pay for Research Assistants as contract staff, for the working duration of not less than 3 months. The recruitment process will be processed by Human Resource Department (HRM).

VOTE 21000

  • Travel and Transportation

Use mileage RM 0.80/km or airfare or taxi fare as a basis. This code shall include meals and accommodation allowances. Student traveling is subject to student’s entitlement as agreed by CETaL in consultation with CGS, Deans and HoDs.

  • Conferences & Publications to share findings of research

SoTL Grants CANNOT be used to attend Conferences. CETaL will organize an annual conference/ seminar/ workshop, where all grant recipients will be invited to share the findings of their research at this event. However, the grant may be used to facilitate the payment of administrative charges to publish findings of the research in impact factor journals.

  • Training

SoTL Grants can be used for training, either by the Project leader, Project Member or student, as recommended by the Project Leader, with the maximum amount of 10% from the Approved Budget INCLUDING registration fees, travelling and accommodation.

  • Others

SoTL Grants cannot be used to cover any membership fees.

VOTE 24000


Rentals of vehicles, equipment, space, etc.

VOTE 27000

Research Material and Supplies

Priority is to be given on the procurement of research materials and consumables. Materials, stationeries, supplies and services which are readily available in university such as pen, pencils, markers, transparencies, paper, photocopying machines, fax machines, postal services, etc should not be budgeted.

VOTE 28000

Minor Modification, Maintenance & Repair Works

Minor modifications, maintenance and repair works shall also include upgrading of certain equipment/software.


Special Services

Engagement of external parties to provide professional services such as testing of materials, data interpretation, legal opinion, etc. or other services which may require payment of certain fees. PI is requested to submit details of company, project deliverables and project milestone and quoted amount, together with the memo to DVCA and Finance for approval.

Hiring of external parties on part time or short term basis shall be forwarded to the HRM for approval.

VOTE 35000

Special Equipment (Equipment and Accessories)

Priority is to be given on the procurement of additional equipment/ accessories/ gadgets/circuits/batteries/casing/etc.

Training Related to SoTL

1. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Workshops

2. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Clininc


Where Can You Present Your Findings

               1.TLIF (Teaching and Learning Innovation Festival)



4. Conference on Teaching and Learning

5. Journals for Publication (of education)



Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Application Form


Extension Form



Closing Form and Report Form


Change of PI Form


Special Service Hiring Form


Hire of Research Assistant / Employment Form


Principles of Good Practice in SoTL

CETaL Research Info Sheet and Participant Consent Form

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