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The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning has been described as a revolution, a movement, a framework, a tool, even a paradigmatic change in higher education. We like to think of it as a process of intentional inquiry into one’s own learning, teaching and assessment practices with a view to enhancing those practices and improve the learning of our students.

Ernest Boyer’s seminal work ‘Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professoriate’ introduced the concept of the Scholarship of Teaching thus:

“We believe the time has come to move beyond the tired old “teaching versus research” debate and give the familiar and honourable term “scholarship” a broader, more capacious meaning, one that bringslegitimacy to the full scope of academic work. Surely, scholarship means engaging in original research. But the work of the scholar also means stepping back from one’s investigation, looking for connections,building bridges between theory and practice, and communicating one’s knowledge effectively to students. Specifically, we conclude that the work of the professoriate might be thought of as having four separate, yet overlapping, functions. These are: the scholarship of discovery; the scholarship of integration; the scholarship of application; and the scholarship of teaching.”

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